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What Our Clients Say…

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“Dr. William Han is a very tentative doctor. He’s understanding and caring when it comes to your needs. I have never met a doctor that can get you proper treatment quickly and so conveniently.”

Fran Sean

Our Story

Our Services

United Health Centres Proudly Presents Men’s Vitality Services.

Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction.

No more pills, no injections.

6 Treatments, 15 mins. That’s all it takes.

Family Doctors

The best family doctors that work to meet your health needs.


Specialist doctors that provide medical care for infants, children and adolescents.

Women’s Health

Specialist doctors that provide medical care during pregnancy and for the female reproductive tract.

Internal Medicine
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Specialist doctors that provide comprehensive assessments for complex adult cases.


Treating diseases and injury through massage, heat and exercise.

Vein Specialist

The treatment of varicose veins with the most up to date techniques and technology.

Sports Medicine

Involves physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.

Mental health

Providing care to support the psychological and emotional well being of patients.

Sleep Study
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Tests that record body activity during sleep. This can help identify sleep disorders.

Senior Health
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Comprehensive assessments for seniors to improve daily activities, mental health and social functioning.

Our Motto

“This is your one stop health centre across the lifespan”

Dr. William Han

United Health Centres is a multi-service medical facility situated in the southern heart of Edmonton offering comprehensive health services. The highest quality of care is delivered by a professional healthcare team formed by the best family doctors, specialists, physiotherapists, nurses, counsellors and more.

Hours and Location

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