ViaSure™ by Cynosure®:


United Health Centres proudly presents its newest service branch: Men’s Vitality Clinic. Deepening our commitment to comprehensive health solutions, this specialized clinic focuses on addressing the concerns and challenges associated with erectile dysfunction. Understanding the intimate and often unspoken nuances of men’s health, our team of experts provides discreet, compassionate, and cutting-edge care. At Men’s Vitality Clinic, we’re not just restoring physiological function — we’re reigniting confidence and enhancing life’s vital moments. Learn more about how we’re championing men’s health by visiting the dedicated Men’s Vitality Clinic site. Embark on a journey to renewed strength and vigor with United Health Centres.

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SoftWave™ Technology

Powered by SoftWave technology, the ViaSure treatment is scientifically proven to increase blood flow and restore smooth muscle cells, effectively treating the underlying causes of vascular-related erectile dysfunction. Which means no drugs, no surgery, no downtime.

Unique Treatment

The ViaSure device utilizes a unique reflector design ensuring optimal, consistent coverage and depth of shockwave energy. Upon delivery, a cellular response is triggered activating the body’s natural healing process resulting in:

  • Angiogenesis – the formation of new blood vessels to increase blood flow into the penis*
  • The proliferation of smooth muscle cells to restore tissue elasticity*

3 Easy Steps

Quick 15 minute in office treatments

Consists of 4-6 sessions

Minimal to no discomfort

“We’re headed for a brand new revolution. My patients describe this as a simple, non-painful, life changing treatment.”

— Dr. Irwin Goldstein, MD